EVERYTHING RELATING TO DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING IS IN FLUX: OEMs now more than ever routinely plug into global talent pools on an as-needed basis to augment capability and control labor costs. Product development cycles are accelerated with the goal of significant cost reduction. Powerful simulation software applications eliminate the need for expensive trial and error validation testing. Designs are put to the test months before physical components are ever produced. Equipment requirements and cost estimates must be defined as a precondition for every proposal. We are an extension of our customer. Perfect workflow is within reach. Development cycles get shorter yet quality and efficiency continue to improve.

WESS is the first truly single source design, engineering, sourcing, and execution solution for manufacturers around the globe. More than a partner, we are the essential collaborator. Beginning with the initial idea and progressing to launch and sustained production, WESS delivers inherent quality, durability, and performance with measurable cost reduction to our customers.